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Email wasn't built to manage spot freight.

SweetSpot is a lean, easy-to-use, and 100% FREE spot freight management system. Fast, no commitment, no strings attached. Let us do the heavy lifting.

See. Spot. Save.

Watch this video. It's a minute long. (Which is about how long it takes to register and get your first load posted on SweetSpot.

100% free. No premiums, add-ons, or BS.


    break free!

    Break free!

    SweetSpot is SIMPLE. No more cascades of email, texts, and phone calls to get your spot freight on the road. Just register, enter your carriers, and start shipping!

    Your TMS shouldn't break the bank.

    SweetSpot is a lean, cutting-edge TMS for spot freight that is free to use. That's right, free.

    No dollars, no nonsense. Just your carriers moving your freight.

    Simple. Smart. SweetSpot.

    shouldn't break the bank
    data shouldn't be hard

    Hard data shouldn't be hard to get.

    Let data drive your decision making. No more chasing down invoices or hammering away at spreadsheets. SweetSpot's out-of-the-box reports give everything you need to make smart decisions with freight spend.


    We're truckers at heart.

    We think if we give you a great experience managing your freight, including amazing software and world-class customer support, maybe you'll consider including us in your spot bids.

    truckers at heart
    truckers at heart

    Did we mention... It's easier than pie.

    Create a spot bid request in seconds (shown here). And then wait for your carriers to begin submitting bids on your loads. When you get one you are happy with click accept and then high five the monitor. It's that easy.

    See. Spot. Go.

    It's that simple.